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Science Short Courses


Learn the art of designing,building and flying various models of airplanes and helicopters.This course is designed to scale models to real life counterparts to understand how they work.

Amateur Researcher

This course is designed to give you tid-bits of different concepts of science all packed under one course.

Cosmetic Chemistry

Create Different cosmetics and discover the science of what goes on your beautiful skin.Explore the biology of hairs,nails and skin and develop your very own signature cosmetic line.

Crime Science Investigation

Find out the techniques that are used by forensic scientists and why they are useful in solving crimes and other mysteries.


Learn how electricity and magnetism go hand in hand to create a synergy that is used in our everyday life.

Farming Camp

Explore nature and learn the science behind farming and how different techniques are used to grow different crops.

Kitchen Chemistry

This short course is designed to explore few basic principles of chemistry with materials that can be found in your very own kitchen.

Pyro Chemistry

Learn about how chemical reactions happen at high temperatures.This course also covers the application and uses of fire in our day to day life.

Things Around Us

We see a lot of things around us,but have you ever wondered the reasons as to why things are the way they are? Explore this course to find out simple science in things around us.

Science Of Sound

Learn all about sound and how they travel.This course is designed to enable kids to create or build various models that produce different sounds and noises.


Come learn the science behind robots and artificial intelligence.

3D Printing

Bring Your ideas alive with 3D Printing.