Beyond Curriculum Programs

We also engage with schools to provide a rich and engaging beyond curriculum program which includes diverse range of enriching extracurricular activities to widen students’ horizon in science beyond the classroom. We aim to stimulate the curiosity and imagination of young minds about science in the world around them and develop their creativity as well as their ability to think critically. Experimentation, researching and modeling are some of the methodologies we use to develop, collate, analyse and evaluate data and explanations.

Science & Math Labs

School labs are an exciting place for students to learn science and maths using practical experiments. This helps them enhance their learning by complementing the theoretical aspects of science that are taught in classrooms. Laboratories not only make experiments and learning fun but can also help students achieve the desired academic results.

We consult on:

  • infrastructure requirements for a composite science lab.
  • procurement of materials required to keep the lab functional including lab apparatus and chemicals.
  • grade specific content. (Grades 5 to 8).
  • teacher training workshops.

  • Science Fests

    Science exhibitions are highly interactive platforms where children from different age groups participate together in creating science projects that will help develop many social skills such as communication skills, interpersonal skills, problem solving and decision making skills etc.

    Science fairs provide beyond classroom science learning where students answer a question or task, not from a textbook but found out themselves by conducting a range of experiments. We engage with schools and children to understand their
    requirements for science fests and work accordingly.

    Atal Tinkering Lab(ATL)

    We support Atal Tinkering Labs by joining the revolution in the Indian education system aimed at converting young minds into tinkers and innovators. ATL intends to create workspaces where young children will get a chance to work with tools and equipment to understand the concepts of STEM through do-it-yourself mode.

    Financial Support AIM will provide grant-in-aid that includes a one time establishment cost of Rs. 10 lakh and operational
    expenses of Rs. 10 lakh for a maximum period of 5years to each ATL.

    Eligibility Schools (minimum grade VI - X) managed by Government,local body or private trusts/society to setup ATL.