Physical Activity Keeps Kids Healthy

Science Laboratory setup

Young children, particularly of the age group 5 to 14 years of age, learn best through doing. At this age, kids learn about the world and everything around them through their senses. So we at GYANPRO think it is very important to focus science lessons that allow kids to hear, taste, touch, see and smell. By doing so kids are able to discover and make relationships between them and the world around them.

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Curriculum Based Programs

Curriculum Based Programs are designed to ensure progressive development of children at a steady pace. They are well timed and are strictly curriculum based. These programs help kids build a strong and ever lasting relationship with ‘Conceptual Science’ which becomes an integrated part of their life and academics.

Summer Childcare Questions

Community Programs

Community Programs offer a learning environment to kids which go beyond the walls of a classroom. Students can interact with our Science Squad, with each other and their surroundings while learning to solve problems, understand different concepts of science.

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Science Workshops

The Science Squad at GYANPRO knows the hectic schedule kids have these days. To get kids to do more studying than required is always a challenge for parents. So we at GYANPRO have come up with a simple and scientifically entertaining education – Science Workshops.

Physical Activity Keeps Kids Healthy

Science Exhibition

The Science Squad at GYANPRO feels that science exhibitions are one of the many ways in which kids from different age groups involve themselves in creating science projects that will develop their interacting skills, speaking skills, problem solving skills and creativity. During these science exhibitions, the students get a chance to do or create the practical aspect of science concepts learnt in classrooms.

Brain Training Games for Children

Beyond Academics

As parents, one is constantly looking for various activities to keep our children occupied. Well look no further, we at GYANPRO have successfully created a weekend fun program where kids are introduced to wacky concepts of science using hands on activities and experiments.

Brain Training Games for Children

Fun Science Shows

GYANPRO offers unique science twist for regular birthday parties where in the partakers conduct science experiments on exclusively designed themes for the parties. This provides a perfect blend of conducting and observing experiments while enjoying a fun-filled birthday evening with friends.

Brain Training Games for Children

Science Expeditions

Tall skyscrapers, smoggy horizons, rushed mornings, honking traffic tailors our day to day life. If you want to get away from the busy and buzzed city life and get your kids away from technology to spend quality time in the lap of nature. Then come on down to Tropical Rain which is situated in the heart of Mother Nature with its exotic landscapes and rare species of wildlife and flora. Tropical Rain in association with GYANPRO has created a perfect blend of vacation and science to ignite the scientific spark in kids.

Brain Training Games for Children

Science Show

Another weekend program created by GYANPRO involves participants who are introduced to various concepts of science using hands on activities and experiments. In addition, participants get to build take home projects in every workshop conducted.

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Maths Workshop

GYANPRO provides state of the art Math Lab facilities which students can make the best use of, within their school premises. Along with the Math Lab, GYANPRO also provides Math Workshops that aids to sharpen the thinking process of the kids!

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Corporate Services

We at GYANPRO provide product based companies a platform to endorse various science products which will help kids of all ages to turn into amateur scientists. GYANPRO also conducts events at malls, product based companies, brands and even corporates!! We have experience in organizing extremely exciting, entertaining and enjoyable fun filled science activities for kids and parents alike.

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Summer Camp

Bored of the summer heat? Check out the cool experiments and discover a fun way to escape the heat!

Change yourself into a 2 week scientist and explore the "imagine that" summer camp designed specifically to help you ask the How, When, Where and Why of science.

Delve into the world of chemistry and physics which is guaranteed to capture your attention and catapult you into a path of knowledge and Fun!!