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1. Can I gift a subscription?

Yes. You can gift the GyanPro Box. Please make sure you put the correct Delivery Address at the checkout. But we will not be able to Gift Wrap the Box.

2. How can I Cancel an Order ?

To cancel the order, simply call our support at 8197089425 or email to gpbox@gyanpro.com. Just in case the box has already been shipped, please do not accept the courier and we will take care of the logistics and return your money to your bank account.

3. Can I cancel a Subscription ?

We are sure you would not opt for this option, but if you would want to cancel the subscription please write to gpbox@gyanpro.com. Your balance amount from the subscription will be refunded to your account within 10 business days after deducting for the delivered boxes.

4. How long will the refund take?

In case we've not shipped the order, we will process the refund on the same business day and refund should get credited in your account within 15 business days. On the cancellation of subscription, the refund amount will be credited to your account within 15 business days.

5. How can I exchange/return a Gyanpro Box ?

Product once opened cannot be exchanged / returned.

6. Can I return a box I am not fully satisfied with?

You can choose to cancel future order / subscriptions but once the box is opened it cannot be returned