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No, COD is not available as of now. We only accept Payment through our website via a Payment Gateway

2. Is Gyanpro Box delivered outside India?

As of now, Gyanpro Box will be shipped only to addresses within India.

3. What are the delivery charges? Are there any hidden charges?

Our Subscription Charges as you see on the site, is all-inclusive. There are no hidden or extra charges.

4. When will I receive my Gyanpro Box?

Gyanpro boxes are carefully curated and put together by our own in-house team. You can expect delivery to happen within seven to ten working days. Please note that for areas not serviced by our courier partners, the delivery time may be little bit longer.

5. My Box got delivered but some items are missing?

Every single Gyanpro Box goes through thorough quality check. It rarely happens for things to go missing in the box while packaging, but if you find the items missing please let us know we will check with our quality check department and look after the matter and dispatch your material immediately. Write to us at gpbox@gyanpro.com

6. My Box arrived but it is visibly damaged, What should I do?

If the Gyanpro box is damaged visibly i.e if the seal is broken or the proper packaging is missing please do not accept the box and contact our customer service department with a Photograph of the Box. We are here to help you and you will receive the new box soon. Write to us at gpbox@gyanpro.com