Science Curriculum Based Programs in Banashankari

Curriculum Based Programs are designed to ensure the progressive development of children at a steady pace. They are well timed and are strictly curriculum based. These programs help kids build a strong and everlasting relationship with ‘Conceptual Science’ which becomes an integrated part of their life as well as academics. It is very important to provide parallel education program which serves as a support to their regular learning methodologies. Most of the time children end up not understanding the theoretical facts taught in schools because they demand solid proof for their learning. Practical implementation of the theoretical subject is what makes learning effective.

Curriculum based programs are the support factor for all the theoretical learning that they get in the traditional educational system. And the curriculum for such programs are design based on the STEM format. Which enables a unique teaching methodology to tickle your child’s scientific intellect and make them more active and enthusiastic towards learning. It is just not usual kind of programs but it involves a lot of research and development involved in this interpretive program to help educational groups learning objectives or specified curriculum. Traditional curriculums differ from one educational institution to the other. There are many syllabus followed like CBSE, ICSE, IGSCE, State syllabus, IB, Cambridge and many others. All of them have different curriculum structure and different content. So programs are designed according to the syllabus that they follow.

We at GYANPRO design and provide academic support to children at schools so as to complement the existing teaching techniques and make Science more fun, interesting and interactive. The programs are designed based solely on the curriculum so that these activities can be used in sync with the lesson plan at schools. The science squad connects with the learning group by providing opportunities for both intellectual and emotional connections. We believe in staying positively connected with students to make them feel comfortable. It is only in their comfort zone that they get to open up and freely discuss their thoughts and suggestions with their mentors. GYANPRO Curriculum based program is a perfect platform to keep intact the enthusiastic zeal among students. The Curriculum based programs creates an excellent connectivity with between the mentors and students which serves a relation beyond student teacher relationship. The main motto of this program is to incorporate a particular educational group’s predefined learning objectives into set of program designed based on STEM curriculum to meet their educational needs.

GYANPRO curriculum based programs in Banashankari are a kind of support to schools and educational institutions who aim at improvising thee quality of education provided to their students. The kind of exposure children get in such programs are priceless. For students the theoretical studies are like foundation and the practical sessions is what makes their foundation strong. So any learning goes waste if not used practical. In order to make their learning effective these practical sessions are the support which enables proper learning methodology.

GYANPRO has an excellent research team that designs the unique STEM curriculum where every aspect of the subject is covered. The traditional curriculum followed in schools are kept as the base for designing these programs. The course is applicable for both science and math. Every aspect of the subject is considered and apt examples for the topics are described. The Curriculum based program at GYANPRO Banashankari follows innovative methodological approach to bring out the best out of the subject. All the examples and DIY’s provided will be recent ones. There is no use if the age old references are given to the subjects. So the references and experiments are kept updated according to the trend and advancement. So the children undergoing this program will get relevance to the happenings in their surroundings.

Key objectives of curriculum based programs are
  • To enhance student’s knowledge and create awareness about the things they encounter in their daily life.
  • Providing equal opportunity for each student to participate in various activities and encourage them to involve themselves in such mind tickling activities.
  • Other than training students there are programs to train teachers also who in turn train their students.
  • Bring out new learning methodologies to encourage multiple learning styles experiences.
  • To offer educational program designs appropriate to the group based on their curriculum.
GYANPRO Curriculum based programs have two different types of programs.

Scientia (Curriculum Based Program) : The experiments or hands on activities designed to complement the curriculum will be directly taught to students by the passionate Science Squad at GYANPRO. We will be able to provide a thorough and a wholesome view of the science concepts at hand. Find this program at GYANPRO if you are looking to add the GYANPRO signature touch to your classrooms. GYANPRO inculcates innovative pedagogy which has many creative elements creating room for innovation. The GYANPRO science squad are highly skilled and talented who intend in making all the tough science topics to be easy ones. Research on the experiments provided is done effectively by the science squad so that there no difficulties in digesting the subject by the students. As the research team will be directly connected to the learning group any queries and clarifications regarding the subject matter can be solved then and there. When students get such kind of positive support from the squad it makes them explore more. Eventually developing a keen interest towards learning the subject.

ProScientia (Curriculum Based Program) : GYANPRO science squad has researched and designed science kits for each and every topic of science. It happens at two levels. First level is that these science kids designed by GYANPRO are given to individual students where they get to explore them independently. Secondly, the program is designed in such a way that the teachers present at schools, can use these experiments and models to supplement their existing lesson plans. The teachers will directly be able use the material present in this course to teach kids and create a fun and scientifically entertaining class to help kids familiarize themselves with different concepts of science. GYANPRO will be providing science kits to these teachers which contains all the materials according to the subject requirement. With aid of the tools made available by the GYANPRO science squad they can make learning happen more effectively. Curriculum mapping is very essential to have an organised collective flow of subject data. So a teacher’s teaching methodologies works efficiently depending on the efficiency of curriculum mapping.

The entire flow of the programs goes as mentioned below:-
  • Prior planning on the subjects topics are done depending on the student group. Student groups are made based on parameters like age and class according to the requirement of educational institution.
  • So for each group the goals and objectives are unique. Curriculum is designed accordingly to their respective objectives.
  • Plan and flow of the class is designed according to age and behaviour of the crowd.

Based on all this information, GYANPRO science squad develop activities that gear up audience’s needs to meet their curricular objectives. Effective learning programs help students learn the subject efficiently.

STEM way of education is the main objective in the GYANPRO curriculum based programs. The kits provided by GYANPRO provides lots of hands on activities individually designed for different syllabus followed by the schools. Major plus point in GYANPRO kits are take home projects. Which is not available with any other such products. They serve the purpose as both Learning Aid and Teaching Aid. Probability of learning using learning aid is higher than that as the Teaching Aid. When used as a Teaching aid it may not have the complete interest and attention of the student. With inclusion of DIY’s and take home projects it serves as an added advantage as a learning aid.

GYANPRO also have programs which help students do their project. Trains students of various schools for science exhibition and science day. Where they find it difficult to manage on their own self. GYANPRO remains the solution which makes students ready to show their talents in form of projects. Their hand made projects are solid proof to measure their learning and presenting capabilities. We also conduct events like quiz which are a sort of boosters to explore themselves.