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The GyanPro Box:

India's first STEM-based subscription activity kit designed to invigorate & inspire children through hands-on science activities & experiments.
The GyanPro Box is a refreshing, fun and a science themed activity box that is designed to stimulate, inspire, create and understand various science concepts through hands-on-activities and experiments.
Discover exciting science projects, puzzles and games every month and inspire your kids to jump into the world of theories – Science.


1.The hands-on activities are designed to help kids develop co-ordination of the small muscles of their hands and fingers with their eyes, which include pencil skills (scribbling, colouring, drawing, writing), scissors skills (cutting), construction skills (building the model present in the GyanPro box) .

2. Empowers your kids to complete day-to-day activities and hence boosts their self confidence.

Fine Motor Skills

1.The freest form of self-expression is creativity.

2. GyanPro box helps them learn by visualizing & thinking and hence enhance their creativity.

Creativity & Self-Expression

1. The step-by-step illustrative instructions provide the necessary understanding of the experiment.

2. Allowing your kids to explore these monthly science boxes will not only help them develop an interest in science but will also help in developing their concentration and focus on work, one thing at a time.

Concentration & Focus

Since the kids can now set-up their own 'Science Zones' at home, it will also help them allocate time required, the materials required and the space required to do the experiments. This helps foster the skills of project and time management.

Project & Time Management

The experiments are crafted in a way that they can solve the problems they face while performing the experiment or activity. Encouraging kids to develop problem solving skills will make sure that they are able to troubleshoot simple day to day problems they face.

Problem Solving

GyanPro box provides a base for the kids to develop their reasoning skills by asking the why's and the how's of the science concepts.

Reasoning Skills

The GyanPro box is not just for the children. It is a family bonding exercise. Parents & children can sit together, laugh, bond and learn science. Re-vamp your weekends and turn your home into a science gala for you and your kids.

Family Bonding

On completion of each experiment, we at GyanPro guarantee a smile and sense of achievement instilled in the kids. They will be able to grasp the fact that they have been the ones to create a fully functioning model or an experiment that will explain a concept of science easily.

Sense of Achievement

What Does the GyanPro Box include?

  • The GyanPro Box is crafted for kids of the age group 4-10 years
  • The GyanPro box essentially includes exciting science projects, puzzles and games to inspire your kids to jump into the world of Science.
  • Each box contains 4 activities that are centred on a single concept of science.
  • The kits will be mailed to your door step every month.


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Age Group 4-7 Years

gyanpro box
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Rs. 1,099

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Rs. 1,950 (Rs 3297)

Age Group 8-10 Years

gyanpro box
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Rs. 1099

Subscribe for 3 months
Rs. 1,950 (Rs 3297)

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